Friday, April 21, 2017

Post 8 - Race

The most confusing aspect of this unit was the introduction, that race is NOT biological. Just like gender, race is a social construct. This really made me review everything and it kinda blew my mind. But if you really think about it, it really makes sense. If you lined everyone up from the same "race" they all wouldn't look the same. There would be differences in skin tone, facial features, body shapes, and more. In addition, if you go from country to country race is categorized differently. In America, we use biology to group people together, in Brazil, skin shade/tone is used solely this demonstrates how race is constructed socially because in each individual society we choose to make different aspects the deciding factor. 

A popular opinion in white society is that race is no longer an issue. Backed by my own experiences, I disagree completely by that statement. Growing up in almost completely white schools, I have been faced with implicit racism more times than I can count. Whether people are ignorant or just simply rude, there would always be things that would be said that weren't appropriate. Micro aggressions  were casually used and when, I would, in defense say something about it, it was me over reacting or making a issue when there wasn't one. 

In Tim Wise's "White Like Me", he stated that isn't focusing on how racism disadvantages people of color, white people like him should focus on how they benefit from it, white privilege. I think his mindset on racism would really help the issues going on today. 

In my talk for the race panel, I mentioned that although no one wants to talk about race, it is an issue and an discussion is needed. It is an uncomfortable topic because by talking about race, you  have to acknowledge the many people that are hurt by it. In addition, white people aren't affected because the system benefits them so they don't care but everyone should take a point from Tim Wise and take a stand today. 

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  1. Insightful post. Thanks for sharing and for being on the panel!